Modern cuisine
with a traditional taste

Italian cuisine is admired and envied all over the world. Maccheroncini (pasta) alla Carbonara or Spaghetti all’Amatriciana but also Gricia duck with burrata cheese and truffle or Saltimbocca alla romana with braised veal cheek are good examples of traditional yet innovative dishes. Naturally, they are made with precious, high-quality ingredients.

Our Menù

* Product frozen at origin
** Product blast chilled


Innovative in full respect of traditions

We are aware that consumer tastes continue to change and evolve. That is why our menu changes 4 times a year and embraces both current trends and tradition. A continuous search for the perfect balance.

A truly
sensory experience

At Puntarella, the virtuous path to becoming a sustainable restaurant has already begun: using healthy, locally produced ingredients, respecting the seasonality of raw materials and adopting sustainability-oriented practices are the principles that guide the creation of our dishes.

A solution for
every occasion

Tasting events

Small groups

Business dinners


Surprise your loved ones

Contact us to find out how to pre-purchase a
lunch or dinner with wine pairings.

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